This is with the Korg PadKontrol in mind, as i'm looking to buy it, but let me know if something else in that price range can do this too:

Is it possible to load an .mp3 (or .wav, or something) off of my computer (not preloaded with their software) into one of the 16 pads, so when i hit it, it plays that file (no matter of length)?

And if so, I assume if i hit the pad and it starts playing a 30 second long file, and i hit that pad again, it'll restart. Is there a way to just have it "jump" back X seconds? (like, 3 seconds, or 5 seconds, kinda like with turn tables and a record...)?

Unrelated to those two: If i make a beat/whatever using 9 pads, can i save that and re-assign it to one pad, thus freeing up 8 of the pads? If so, must that be done with a computer, or can that be done on the fly?

Also, i am trying to figure out what exactly a "scene" is..haha
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what forum would that be? it's not a guitar/bass/drum question...i meant to do that by the way, i didn't just throw it in here because i'm lazy haha