These guys are excellent, yet I have yet to see a mention of them on here. They're a straight-up punk band, not street/hardcore/'77/pop/what-have-you. Their website puts it well, with "Pure Punk Rock" as the tagline. Really great stuff, shout-along choruses and catchy riffs to boot.

http://www.charge69.com/english/ is the website, if you want to hear a full song, go to www.radioblogclub.com and search for Charge 69. There's a couple copies of a song called "Quand Je Serai Mort" on there, for some odd reason mislabeled as Pas De Regret. It's an excellent song, off their latest album Univers Sale. (http://www.radioblogclub.com/open/110979/pas_de_regret/Charge%2069%20-%20Pas%20de%20regret) for the lazy).

And all of their stuff is available on iTunes! So really, there's no excuse for not being able to get your fill of this truly kickass band. Check them out!
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i use to have their album
wasn't very good at all

i also use to have their album
wasnt very good at all