Alright... right now I have two guitars in mind that I can afford

The LTD EC-1000 and the MH-400

If I push it then i can problably get to a Dean razorback

So what do ya guys think?...I would appretiate any input on any of the guitars
What do you play?

And yes, I say go with the LTD's...

I say go with the ec-1000...but why not try out the MH-1000 too?
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Search on eBAY for a early 90s Jackson Soloist Pro. The quality on those rivals that of a new $2000 SL1 soloist. One in nice condition will run from 600-1000 just in your price range.
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Out of the two LTDs I'd get the MH400. The 1000 is an excellent guitar, but I just like the MH400 more and it's cheaper.
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i say get the razorback cause i got the explosion and its all i ever dreamed of.
if u cant afford it then get the ltd
i have a razorback, and i love it. i couldnt have askedfor anything else. its amazing. Go with this one
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for the money you front for the Razorback, you should get an OFR, which you dont.
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Alright then, I think im going for the EC 1000...however, there on music123.com there are two black colors...one is just black and the other is black(open box)....whats the difference? cuz they dont have an image of it...

the open box is more expensive.... cya and thx
Good choice on the EC-1000, beautiful guitar and sounds amazing, whatever you do don't go for the razorback :P!
Well one will be the vintage black (it's not glossy and has a gold binding etc) and one will be the gloss black with the abalone binding and inlays etc... but well I checked that site and I don't know which is which so maybe try a few other sites?