first death metal song in awhile, inspired by the video for Runes To My Memory by Amon Amarth

so c4c tell me how it is

in the field of endless gaze
the victors prance in a daze
sacred blood poured on hollowed ground
master of the night rules at the sound

time of sword
time of spear
hearing the hoof beats
ever drawing near
hold our own
till the last
trying to protect
our sacred past

lying down on this field of sorrow
my last life I cling, left to borrow
outnumbered we stand in the fight
spear thrust in me with all his might

gasp for air
empty lungs
last drips of life
float up to the sun
rotten corpse
baked and done
no tombstone memory
when day here is gone

battle of old story of past
with dying breath i grasp
written in stone my body lies
plauged with defeaning cries

cries reign out
into silence
darkness breaks the battlefield
dead and weakened start to decay
loss is here
triumph him
left us desecrated
blood red memory
foolish minister,
again you have mistaken
its absolute power over
this body i have taken
This child belongs to me now
to the one who reigns in hell
the demon of great power
the demon SAMAEL!
how you make the word of the song bold like that and i think your song is great and i want the song to it