Poll: Do u like to ride?
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18 51%
13 37%
9 26%
No not for me
5 14%
Voters: 35.
just wondering, i used to about 5 years ago and for the past couple of days ive been bored and its nice outside so i started to ride again
im really getting into it
i just sucked so badly when i was younger i just gave up and now i am getting pretty good fast
anyway...its a new source of fun for me when its nice out rather than sitting inside playing guitar all day

im not the best on dirtbikes though, but theyre extremely fun to go fast on
and i love 4 wheelers

so do any of u enjoy riding?
I'm a mountain biker.
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yeah man thats all me n my friends do in the summer...we rode on a trailer behind a friends atv before i got one...what do u drive?
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I'm a mountain biker.

hooray - another one!!!! me too buddy - i'm a dirt jumper/ freerider/ street rider - what do you ride?
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By bikes... do you mean bicycles or motorcycles?
Edit: Thats b/c i'm a motorcycler myself :P: and on that note i can't wait for all the snow to melt so i can get my baby back out! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
haha when we were young me and my friends used to ride around and steal air caps off of tires of cars. We thought we were badass.

Of course, back then we were into 50 cent and wu tang.

But we still ride around and do lame tricks and stuff
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I used to race dirtbikes in motorcross.

ATV's are okay but don't compare to the level of fun a dirtbike has.
i like dirtbikes i just dont wanna wreck on one cause i could see it happening haha
i mean...if i fall thats understandable but i wanna break a bone if i do fall...dont wanna end up with a messed up bike and have my parents mad at me cause theyre stupid like that
besides broken bones are extreme XD
Any chance I get, ill ride dirtbikes. They are so much fun to ride up at our family friends scrub, theres a massive dirtbike track that goes for ages and its fun. I also used to ride BMX nonstop, but I grew out of it when I started playing guitar. Besides, I dislocated my hip after too many BMX stacks, and finished it off with a dirtbike accident, but it's all better now and I love riding motorbikes.

Sorry for the long post, but Im expressing my love for it