Hey guys I have a question, if you are soloing in an E minor pentatonic scale, that is the same as soloing in the G major pentatonic scale, right? If true, then how is the E minor, minor, since it is the exact same as a major one? Just curious, Thanks in advance.
E minor sounds minor because you would generally focus on the E, which would make it the root note. Harmonic minor also does something that's not in the major scale. But pentatonic scales are different though, so E minor pentatonic and G major pentatonic are different.
It's because it's centered around a different note. I used to think "well, it has the same notes so it should sound the same", but that's not really true. It depends alot on what the root note is, because that's the note that's the focus of the progression/scale/lick/etc.
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It's relatively the same because it has relatively the same notes.

If you play G to G in G major pentatonic it has a certain sound
If you play E to E in E minor pentatonic it has a certain sound

The sequence of a major pentatonic is 1, 2,3,5,6
minor pentatonic...............................is 1,3b,4,5,7b
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It's the relationship of the notes.

If you play a G to a G, it sounds fairly dull and not much is expressed.

If you play E to a G, there is a bit more tension there.
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