Neck/Middle - Fender Vintage Noiseless
Bridge = Seymour Duncan JB or JB Jr.

I am having this combo(JB Jr) installed on my Stat and it caught the attention of the guitar shop owner, who decided to try this combo in his own Start, and he said he loved it. I am too new to tell the suttle differences between similar pups, but does anyone else have any experience with this combo or a similar combo? Good or bad? General thoughts? Any type of music this combo caters to or isn't able to do well? Any info would be great.
My gear...

Samick Les Paul (AV6VB) Guitar w/ SD Alnico2/JB
Marshall AVT150H halfstack
Schecter Stiletto Elite-4 Bass
Ampeg BA112 Bass Amp
actually yeah
except for the jbs
instead i have the sh-6 by duncan

edit: its a great combo you should go for it