this is a upbeat song about Dr Kevorkian and Richard Rimerez " the night stalker"

Dr. K and Mr. R Go to Town

Long white coat
Face like an angel
Equipped with suicide pills by the handful
Don’t want none of that bullshit here though
Arrest the last
American Hero!

Dr. K and Mr. R
Plastered backwards
Prison yard scars
Took a trip, into town
Till the coppers shot ‘em down

This sick ****
Another story
Takin’ it bad for his own blood-glory
Rape, murder, on his plate
He’s the kinda guy
My mom should date!


Dr. K and Mr. R
Two odd stories
Two fine starts
With a little, jail time blues
They’ll come back! (x2)
They’ll come back breakin more rules!

I hate this last part by the way.