I recently spotted a 1989 MIJ Stratocaster in a shop, but after looking at some threads on UG, some people were saying that before '87, the quality of them was comparable to a modern MIA Strat, and after '87 the Japanese Strats lost their quality. Is this true? Or just an opinion of a user?

i have a MIJ tele and it's certainly better than any mexican or highway model but i've not really been able to compare it to a standard MIA
Alot of people on here were just stepping out of the womb around '89. Any "opinions" you here about it is probably just hear-say. Personally, the MIJ line has never wielded (past tense?) a bad axe for me. There all pretty good. Just go out and try it, and like it
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I have a 1994 or 1195 MIJ Fotoflame HSS Floyd Rose II Stratocaster. It is wonderful. The neck is thin and fast. The pickups are very "stratty" and the fake flamed maple (fotoflame is a picture of flamed maple over a basswood body) is beautiful. The basswood is very resonant. Check it out very closely, but I think you will be amazed.
Its good to hear some positive posts. I have yet to play it through an amp yet, and I don't know the specs, but its SSS, Cream, tremolo (non-floyd rose), maple neck/fretboard and in excellent condition. I am pretty excited to play it, and maybe even buy it :P.
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I have a 1994 or 1195 MIJ Fotoflame HSS Floyd Rose II Stratocaster.

thats pretty old eh? haha. i have a '96 MIJ Strat and its a hell of a guitar
****ing get it you noob!
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I'd say get it.
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Does anyone know a site where I can get some good specs on a guitar like that?