Does anybody have any tips on how to go from chord to chord quicker? Thanks
yeah, practice them lots until you build up lots of muscle memory.
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You just have to practice until it becomes second nature and all your fingers now where to go immediately when you are changing chords.
Really, practice.
Then everything will become much easier for you, so don't give up whe you feel you run into a wall, everything will take off after that.
like everyone else said.. practice... but one piece of advice... make sure that you think of the next chord ahead of time... like if the progression is G D C , while you are playing G think about how to hold the D and when you are holding the D, think about how to hold the C... but really its just practice
.....maybe practice...

I learned the basic 7 chords in 2 days, and know them off by heart from jsut practicing, just try and remember where your fingers are supposed to be and always put all your fingers down at the same time( gets easier over time)

Good luck
play some punk songs and instead of doing power chords just use regular chords. That's how I learned how to do chord transitions.
yup.. power chords don't really take much effort to switch.