Poll: Is Muhammed Suiçmez any good
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No he sucks
8 32%
He is ok
5 20%
He is a good guitarist
21 84%
He needs to go kill him self
8 32%
Voters: 25.
Muhammed Suiçmez is the guitarist from a band called Necrophagist does anyone here think he is any good at guitar there myspace is www.myspace.com/necrophagistde listent o it he is singer too and tell me what you think about him cause i think he is over rated
Muhammed Suicmez overrated? Says the LoG fan!
You are t3h phail! If you're the idiot he voted he sucks/should kill himself you need to learn some common sense. Even if you don't like his style you can't deny he owns our worthless souls.
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He is awesome!
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I voted for all of them just because you were dumb enough to make it so I could
Wrong time, place and forum.

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