what do the two do I have no clue scalloped fret's and a radiused fret borad compared to a standard
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better vibrato and bends in scalloped fret boards... but it slows you down in terms of speed unless you play alot and get used to it.

Yngwie is a good example...

its just harder to play in the beginning..
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All fretboards are radiused.

A flat radius is any radius greater than 12"

A vintage radius (I dunno what to call it) is typically 10" to 7"

The measurement refers to the curve of the fretboard if you were to place it's cross-section on the edge of a circle with the radius mentioned.

Fretboard radii change the position of your hand and the relative spacing of the strings, which can be good or bad. I personally prefer a very flat radius with a thick (not wide) neck.

Also, scalopping gives you alot more control of sustained notes. It's when the wood between the fretwires is sanded down so that it forms a little valley where the wood would normally be. When you're playing, your finger will touch only the string and not the fretboard itself.

It only really slows down anything involving slides, and it takes a more delicate touch to play well
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