My friend, who is the local guitar enthusiast, helped me pick out a great starting guitar. I got a Jackson JS30 warrior, roland 15 cube amp, stand, and tuner for $430 US with tax. I almost got an epiphone GS400 for the same price, but wanted the more metal sound out of the jackson. This combo seems like it will last me a lifetime. I spent just enough money to not make me go broke, but spent enough to get a quality instrument. Can anyone think of a better beginner combo that wont be thrown away in 6 months?
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EVJ might be a better amp, but if he plays metal he'll hate it. Roland Cubes and Line 6s are good beginner amps because they can do just about everything moderately well.

The the OP, I'd say you picked some good gear.
Excellent starter kit for a metal fan. Good luck with it!
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