OK so while being banned I decided to refinish one of my old Strats. I bought it off a local kid who had horribly rattle can painted it and it despirately needs some TLC.

Its a standard Strat style body, with a swimming pool route. I already have a 3 single Strat so I was thinking about putting in 2 humbuckers. The paint job on it was black with all kinds of finger prints and shit, so Im thinking about making it a solid color. Probably red or blue. But I dont know what kind of pickups or what color pickguard to put on it.

I was thinking of a chrome pickguard with chrome covered PAF style pickups but I was also thinkind of a white pearloid with 2 EMG's. I dont want real heavy metal but I want a guitar thats more suited for classic rock, british rock, and some metal as well. Basically an extremely versatile guitar. I kind of know what Im wanting but I dont know what to go with.

I had considered Evo's or Evo II's, as well as Gibson 496R and 500T but I just dont know. Give me some ideas.
Go with (from neck to bridge) a chrome covered PAF, single coil (black or cream) and a zebra PAF humbucker.

PAFs will do classic rock, and ought to do british rock, they'll also be able to handle some metal. The single coil is there because I find double fat strats look... wrong.
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Yesh, PAF's. I would say both Chrome covered.

THe Evo's will be too hot and bright and the Gibson set is GREAT (I have it two times over) but will also be too hot.
Thanks, Explorer. I was thinking both chrome. I dont really like to mix and match, but I do appreciate your help Will. But also Explorer, your guitar looks pretty nice now that you finished it.
I wouldn't go with emgs if you want anything other than metal, but black with the chrome stuff you said would look sweet. Also, maybe a pearl red (not sure if you can find spray cans of that stuff) with a white pearl pickguard. The second one was what my first strat was and I loved how it looked. Then I went and messed it up by trying to repaint it myself....
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definitely black or white. other colors don't do well with chrome.

and mirror would be so much cooler than chrome.
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