Ok so I heard this guy named Gary Schutt and I thought he had some pretty good melodic lines and chops. I think he went to Berklee in the eighties. Not sure Havent really looked him up much but any of you guys checked his stuff out? He's got some cool fusion song, though some of his poppish stuff is rather gay. He's also a bit of a show off, since he plays bass, guitar, and drums.


Check out that video. Its pretty cool.
Too sloppy, and nothing special imo.

And I hate his tremolo use. Why is it all these washed up 80's wannabe guys have to get an ugly RG and use their tremolo so unfittingly all the time? Learn some decent finger vibrato goddamnit!

Wouldn't call that fusion either.
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It looks to me like his finger vibrato is in good shape, I guess some people just perfer the kind of vibrato you get from the tremolo, or you do it a few time, then it becomes a bad habit.
I like the guy, and I actually think he has fine vibrato. From what I can tell hes using his arm not his fingers, so I think its fine. I like his whammy use, he may overuse a bit but I don't think that he does it completely unfittingly. He is a bit sloppy though. I think its pretty fusion-ish, due to the changes.
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