it was an annoying job tuning the les paul...i tried to play Symphony Of Destruction...i got it ok..just sounds wierd...but the les paul got out of tune...what can i do so i dont have to tune it all the time...and if i put it in a bag..will it make the guitar untuned?also if you have any tips on how to play symphony of destruction? tell me.thanks.
i say when you put the new strings on use more string around the tuneing post. at the top, it helps alot. that used to happen to my SG but now it really doesnt happen.
i guess you can say that the strings are new since the guitar is new..i recieved it about 6 hours ago by mail..they dont stay in tune at all...i tuned it..i put it on the bed..and it turned the knob where the strings meet...and then it went out of tune...and i played it for like 20 minutes..and it went out of tune.

P.S. for Symphony of Destruction...when you play 1-3-1..can you just hold your finger on 1 and then put one finger on 3 but still hold 1 so it makes it easier?Thanks
That's a thing with new strings. Just wait until they get "adjusted" and stay in tune better. For a while with new strings they will always need to be adjusted. Also, it could be a temperature change, since you got it by mail and all.

And yes.
I remember that happening to my Epi when it was new. Change the strings to something better, like D'addarios or Ernie Ball. Usually the strings that come on a new guitar are crap.
New strings strech... they all do it... it takes a couple of days to get them streched out so they will stay in tune. If you want to speed up the process do a lot of bends...
That used to happen to me, but as I got better at playing, It stopped going out of tune.
i know,creepy...
Oh well, I have a magical guitar!
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If the strings are new:

Grab each string one at a time at about the 12th fret a pull gently (And I mean gently) upwards and back down in a sort of bouncing motion. This helps stretch the strings so they stay in tune. Or you could just bend the hell out of your strings as if you were playing, but the first option is probably easier.