I checked it out. Kinda cool man. Nothing too crazy, but pretty nice groove. The distorted guitar is much too loud when it comes in, and you can't hear the other instruments/voice. Also, since it's so loud, I noticed the bends aren't so great either, haha. Altogether, pretty fun though. A few slightly off notes in the vocals. It sounds pretty garage rockish, but I'm not sure what you're going for. If the sound was developed a little more, it could be something. Good work so far.

Oh, and click the Recording link in my sig if you want to crit mine. I'd appreciate it.
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like revalk said, the distorted guitar is way too loud. It needs to be brought way, way, way down. Catchy song though, I particularly like the chorus with the backup vocals. Well recorded, nicely mixed besides that one guitar part. I like the solo and the ambient parts of the song. Nice work!
I liked this piece, it's nice and upbeat

I liked the vocals, but couldn't quite hear em at places, I found the backing to drown a bit.

I found the song a bit repetitive, but that's the style. Me having a short attention span is why I'd listen to something a lot faster, so it's not a problem with the song.

I liked the solo, it has a very fluid sound to it.

Overall, a good job. Nice jam
i like the drums. the distorted guitar is good, but needs to be turned.

sweet song and thanks for the crit
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thanks for the crits
i posted a new version up on myspace with the distorted guitar turned down

myspace can get slow sometimes, it says that it is still processing, so if you click the link and The Great Big Sea doesn't appear on the song list, you can try the link to dmusic instead
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Nice dude !
Definatly reminds me of Syd Barret.
Especialy the part with distortion.
The vocals could be brigther and louder.
Otherwise nice song could do some better mixing though.
I really like it. I like the vocals. A very upbeat song.

The solo sounds great
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Hmm I liked the choppy bit at the beginning, I think the echo-ey vocals bit needs a little work mix-wise, the distortion is too loud as has been said and you should probably keep the clean guitar going. I like the bit comes after the "great big sea bit" though. Cool effect on the solo but it sounds a little too thin. The second solo is really good, very catchy.

An enjoyable fusion of indie and psychedelic.

Crit mine? The prog rock one in my sig
Thanks for the crit!
The song had a really great feel, i felt some RHCP, its very original though, this song is going on my ipod, a really catchy tune, great vocals, really no crits, just compliments
sorry about that... lol
thanks for the crit

im listening to home right now, and im very impressed. sounds very profesional and well written. the melody is excellent. perfect. the outro solo sounds so smooth. how did you record this?
Hey man, cool stuff! Its not really my style, or maybe it is and i just dont realize it :P but either way I enjoyed it. The heavy guitar that comes in could be turned down a tiny bit.. but thats really all I can think of. Work at your singing a bit, and keep plugging away at it until you think it sounds right.. because these tunes could end up sounding pretty damn cool with a little work.
Keep up the good work! And thanks for the crit
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jimmy saint: its recorded on garageband with a direct line in for the guitar and keyboard, with drum loops written by the drummer with MIDI, and vocals with my computer's mic
pretty cool stuff, i didnt notice any problems with the distorted guitar like others said. i really like the verse a lot better than the chorus, idk why though. that solos pretty good, i like that bleeping laser gun part of it, if you have any idea what im talking about. riff at 3:30 is very cool. all in all, nice work, keep it up.
W00T bro, good stuff, it was more than a song i listened to, very enjoyable, the intro guitar riff was reminiscent of Roxanne by the Police, but it picked up and the vocals were very poppish and melodically ass kicking of course even if a bit flat, i thought the guitar was great throughout but there was one sour note in the beginning i heard, no worries though me likey the funk...
BTW Girl with no name is a killer tune as well... gj bro record pro and u'll have a record deal coming ur way ... im gonna listen again
I like this a lot. The beginning kind of reminds me of the new Modest Mouse song. Very well-crafted, and nice melodies. You've got a great voice, too. This really reminds me of something else, but I can't put my finger on it. Anyway, great work. Crit mine?

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I really enjoyed this man,it reminded me of the stuff I used to listen to in the 90's - cool, uplifting, slightly wierd indie rock.

I love the vocals, especially in the verse, you have a really nice voice there. I love the way the vocals are delivered also, especially in the verse. The chorus is great too, the backing vocals are sweet - love the backing harmony in that second verse to.

I'm not sure that the distorted guitar needs to be turned down, I think it might lose a bit of the vibe without it.

I'm not sure about the break towards the end, I'm just not sure if it gives a lot to the rest o the track, but when it starts building back up to the chorus on that run (about 3:30?) it sounds great.

Great track man, yep this one is worth keeping!
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Quote by Autopilot6
jimmy saint: its recorded on garageband with a direct line in for the guitar and keyboard, with drum loops written by the drummer with MIDI, and vocals with my computer's mic

I thought the snare hits were too perfect. The looping kind of gets boring, though. The song is cool overall. Cool solo, but the rhythym tone underneath it isn't great. The keyboards are pretty good, with that music box feel.

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