can some one help me with popping i can slap up and down the strings easily and at decent speed but i find the transition between the slap and then the POP hard because it seems as though my strings are to close together. Iam also not too sure if iam doing it right because i tend to put my finger underneath the string and lift up (correct or? ). i play an ibanez SR-500 btw THX
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When you pop, your supposed to, and this is the weirdest analogy i've ever read, make your finger look like a "shrimp" and pull up on the string, and 'pop' it
Well, the string spacing is supposed to be tight n fivers as it is, and the SR505 is supposed to have very tight string spacing.

Do you have a Squier lying around you can practice on?
hmm i dont have a five string but yea the string spacing is kinda tight i have an old crappy bass that i could work on but the slaps and pops wont come through nice or at all rather >_<
^ Well you said you have the SR505, which is a five string, so I kinda assumed.

And just practice pop on your other bass while watching TV or something.
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^ Well you said you have the SR505, which is a five string, so I kinda assumed.

He said an SR500.
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^I read Sr500? When popping you have to remember it needs to be a fluid motion from a slap. A slap and pop is a down up motion. All one motion (for simplicities sake) when going down on the slap the recoil from coming up should be what pulls you finger up from under the string for a pop. It's all in your wrist. Only move your fingers very little. When you don;t need a pop after a slap just keep you finger above the string instead of under it but keep the same motion. (just to keep it all methodical, once you get it down you can figure something else out.)
you are not supposed to curl your finger up that much. Jsut grab the string with the meat of your fingers ONLY! And let the string pop off your finger naturally.

Also, are you popping in unison or the octave? It is ALOT easier to slap the root and then pop the octave then it is to slap the root and pop the root aswell.
so do i pluck with the tip of my popping finger or do i get the finger underneath (kinda where the vein is closest from the tip) ?