Crit 4 Crit

Sometimes You Have To Know When To Say “No More”

Existence found within your eyes
All emotions have been exposed
A life in which I now despise
As your eyelids have fallen, closed

Tempted by pain,
so discrete yet so vain
Never again,
shall I love so inane

Blossom with love and promises
To wither and blow far away
The day grows old and tarnishes
As the feelings once felt, decay

Thrown to the wool,
while my sights become dull
Make one last pull,
while I desist to mull

Hallowed is the night that I mourn
Thoughts rampaging throughout my mind
Weeping for the love that I scorn
As the tears inside fall, so blind

I do decline,
nevermore shall I pine
Motives malign,
Hearts no longer entwine

My soul has been emptied and lost
This sorrow has become a chore
Too many lines have now been crossed
And this love for you, is no more