So I've had this perfect tone set up on my BD-2 for Gilmourish sounds with my old lifeless strings. I just switched yesterday, and the distortion seems alot muddier. Is that normal? Do different gauges affect that heavinesss as well?
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wow dude way to think innovative. nice plan.
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lighter gauges sound better for distortion but thicker sound better for cleans.
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Gauges only deteremine
More sustain less treble

Less sustain, more treble.

nothing else.
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huh?... I always thought it was the opposite!!!??!
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New strings sound more "metallic" and this can have either a slight effect on your tone (if you use none or a few pedals) or a severe effect(if you use more than three pedals). After a few days of constant playing the problem will wear off
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thick = Bassy blues or classic rock
Thin = screamy trebly metal

which is funny cos back in the day, guys like jimmy page and eric clapton used to buy a packet of 9s then throw out the top string and put a .008 banjo string on for the high e then string it from there
no way! the zakk wylde signatures are friggin' tanks and they sound so much more heavy than the sliky's i used to play on...
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On the other hand SRV used a 13 guage top E, and i heard of one of the other famous bluesmen using a 15 top E.

Thick strings = blues.

An yes, eveyone knows Zakk Wylde uses ridiculously high guage strings, .60 bottom E anyone?
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