Ppl im all set on the Ashdown MAG 300 head-cab. But last night I was reading on Music123.com that this head is not voltage swappable. Now im worried as im 4m Pakistan, and here we have 220V. Now i dont know if the MAG is made for 110 or 220 volts, but if I get an external voltage conversion adapter that could convert the 220V current to 110V current, would that fix it? Plz help.
Check out the manuals on the Ashdown site - if they don't help then email Ashdown and they'll be happy to help.
holy crap. 220v for everything? im pretty sure the mag takes a 110 voltage supply. I know mine is running on 110. and i have a feeling that 220v would drive the current way past what it should be. and i can't see why a stepdown transformer from 220 to 110 wouldn't work.
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I bought mine in the local shop and in the Netherlands we also have 220V, so i guess ashdown mods them for the region they are sold in.
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yh here in britain its ment to be 240V and no amps here need adapters

they will be made for the country sold in.