I dont really listen to primus much, i know i know les claypool is awesome, but i just dont really like them, my band wants to play a primus song but i dont know any, any suggestions that i can play on my bass i only have 21 frets and i can tap decently, and a song thats cool
Lacquer head man! Mama didn't raise no fool is also good.
Liberation is the snake! Worms no longer moan.
If you don't like primus that much you could always do an Oysterhead or Frog Brigade song, both good les claypool projects.

Oysterhead-Owner of the World
Colonel Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade- Thela Hun Ginjeet
Primus-Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver
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How about Greet The Sacred Cow? It's Primus but it's not as weird as most of their other songs so you might like it.
jerry was a racecar driver sounds cool
I shot JR

Oh Canada Our Home and Native Land
i did not know that. it looks really fun though
I shot JR

Oh Canada Our Home and Native Land
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Could try 'Shake hands with beef' though it does have some (albeit relatively basic) double thumping I think.

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