This is probably asking waaay too much, but Im really curious as the song sounds really cool. I just heard the last 30 seconds of a song, and it was basically a pentatonic lick type thing going on for a solo at a fast pace (kind of like the repeated lick in the freebird solo but higher up on the neck), haha, and then it got really slow and had some violins playing. Im thinking this song is fairly new, but I cant be sure. It just sounded kickass and if anyone had an idea about what it was, post and ill check it out. This is probably asking a lot though .
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On the radio.

Specifics would be nice...

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No fucking way.

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Specifics would be nice...

Haha, sorry. I was half asleep last night, and didnt think about what I was typing. If anyone could still help me that would be great. I heard it on 105.7 The X, which is a SouthCenteral Pennsylvania rock radio station. They play rock, hard rock, and some metal from the 1980s up to now. I dont know how else to be any more specific. And no, I dont think it was welcome home.