Can ani1 tell me how to scream like the guy in "Diary Of Jane" By Breaking Benjamin? If not could you give me a link to a vid that can? (youtube,etc.)

p.s. didnt know where to put this!
Well he never really screams. It's just a yell, and since he sings with a horse voice, it makes it seem a lot more scream-like than it really is. I can honestly tell you though, there is no video that can help you learn how to scream. I mean think about it... you walk into a barns and noble or someplace... "Do you have any video's that can show me how to scream?" Ummmmmmmm.

haha, there is a thread on UG about singing/screaming. But it really isn't that good. (no offense UG) I read through about 10 pages of it. I learned a few details... where to position your head to the mic, drink warm water, etc. But not really concerning screaming. Actually, some of the posts are just saying how screaming takes no talent.
Ahh, the stereotypical "Johnny get that dildo out of my ass!" one word yell that is present in just about every bridge of every "alt" rock song ever written.

PS They're not even close to Emo.
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Its not even in the bridge...

He does it more live then he does on the records. But yeah, as said its more of a yell than a scream, check out Believe by BB if you want to hear him do it for more than just 'one word'.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
Right genuine question here, how can you be taught to sing (a very specific style) via text or video?
^you cant

but to threadstarter:

please dont follow any advice on here. i know its tempting, but it is all bad advice. even when it is right, because if you happen to do something wrong and destroy your voice, no one will be there with you to say, "stop!," and save you.

didnt mean to sound like an a-hole, but it is true.
A relaxed singer is a singer in control.

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Yeah I agree there. With a lot of advice on here you might enthusiastically pursue your interpretation of what someone's said even though you're ****ing up. Just a thought.

Get a tutor is the best advice. On UG you can clarify what issues a good teacher should be informed on, but not too much more.
There is a VOCAL ONLY THREAD at the top of the MT forum. Go there.
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