I will be buying another Les Paul hopefully sometime next week and I really want to change all the hardware to black and I was looking at guitar fetish and they have good prices, and I was just woundering how good there stuff is and how realiable the company is, for those who have bought from there, if it helps I plan on buying a bridge, knobs, a jack plate, and possibly some tuners I might go with a good name for those.
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the company is reliable. i got a mid boost preamp unit from them.
and they do have good prices. iono how they are though.
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Guitar Fetish is great. I wouldn't expect AMAZING things from them except for what you pay. The prices are great, and doesn't have cheap quality. As far as the tuners go, I just put some of the Wilkinson EZ-LOK tuners in my strat, and they are great.