Hey I'm needing to get a couple of switcher pedals to switch between my guitars/amps. What do you guys suggest? I was considering the BOSS one but it can't be ran off of DC power. So I'm leaning towards the EHX Switchblade, but I don't like the fact that there is no led. What do you guys suggest?
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you can build one on your own pretty easily

its probably the simplest pedal to build

check out the GC&B forum
there probably are some instructions there

that way you get a LED and an ac jack


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maybe the boss one. the line selector
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BY FAR- I mean this. BY FAR

Framptone amp switcher or their 3 banger..

BEST, THE BEST, NOTHING, I dont care what anyone says, in the land of A/B/Y/Z or A/B A/B/Y you cannot buy a better pedal then these framptones. I was iffy at first spending $300 on a a/b box BUT.

It has ground lifts for all ins/outs , tuner send, isolated power supply, butter smooth switches, and its made well, You dont get cross grounding , your amps remain whisper quiet even on the disorted channel. If you have the cash for one, get it. You will not be disappointed..

I tried Rolls, Morley, Electro harmonix, and even an old fender a/b/y boxes and they all Sucked Balls compared to the Framptone
...meanwhile in the land of normal people with pedestrian incomes, people are spending somewhat significantly less than 3 bones to build their own easy to make a/b switchers using parts and schematics easily found on the internet.
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The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

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what's ur budget?

the morely one works ok. but anything under a hundred, and u might get bleed thru from the other line.

imo, ive found budget ABy's to be a little hit or miss, so keep ur receipt.

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Well I dunno man, I blew a JCM800 combo with bad grounding from an A/B (rolls) pedal and the repairs cost me $240 something bucks, so after that happend I figured you get what you pay for And I am normal I dont like blown amps do you?
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