im looking at getting a tattoo here soon and im thinking of like get something of like a grimreaper/angel so like there both split in half but one body.. anybody ever seen a pic of something like this on the internet ?? if they have can u put up a link i would like to see what maybe it might look like ... thanks
I can't say I've ever seen a picture like that, but I can say that it sounds like it'd look badass. Provided its done right.
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Cool, but not all that original. Try... istockphotos.com

I use that site for all my ideas for art. It has everything you can think of basically.
ya... so basicaly its gonna be a half grim reaper and the other half a angel.. like maybe i was thinking about putting it down the side of my chest goin down my stomach. but im not sure yet.. im just tryin to get maybe a feel for whats its gonna look like.. but it just sounds badass indeed..

ya ill check out that site
Just go to a local tattoo parlor and tell them your idea.

Those guys are professional artists. Their medium just happens to be human flesh. They should be able to sketch it out on paper, and then you can tell him what you would change about it.

It'll be much better than finding one on the internet. Then it would be completely original.
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Yeah, just take it to a shop and explain it to them. They can draw it, i promise.
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