hey everyone
i needed a soo boost for the solo in "sad but true" by metallica for my school band. i have a digitech df-7 and i will be running my(stock - soon to be with a JB in the bridge) epi les paul custom through an old peavey classic 50. it probably will be up pretty loud. its an all tube amp so i was wondering wether my ts9 model would be useful if i turned the pedal's volume boost up full. i can't use the pedal alone because i need a rythm distortion and i will use the ts9 mod to boost the gain as well as the volume for the solo, then switch back to rythym. does anyone have a df-7? if so, have you tried the ts9 model on a tube amp? i just don't know whether it will work, and the next time i can try is when i get up to peform the song...
You should get the Grammar-1000X pedal instead.

Jokes aside, I don't know, but it sounds like a good idea.
itll work ok i suppose. not as good as a real one, but why dont you try it for yourself.
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yeah i will, but im just curious as to wether it sounds good. because it doesn't work at all trhough my ss mg15 - mg i know, but its still a guitar amp
I have the TS9 on an EX-7 (it's like the DF7 but with effects aswell) and it sounds allright through a small VOX amp for just a boost, it should sound better on a tube amp.
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