Hey guys, it's Zach. I posted our first recording of "Of Clocks and Clouds" about 3 months ago, and since then, we've recorded a 4 song demo(including a re-worked "Of Clocks and Clouds". It was recorded via Pro Tracks in our bass players room. Hope you enjoy listening, I will gladly crit for crit.


mr know: this sounds great i really dig the vocals and drums. the guitar is very cool as well.

sides fall: the chord progression is very good. not crazy about the bass. the vocals are also not so much to my taste, but i like the harmony.

passing chance: bass is too loud, drums need to be louder. sounds really cool once the vocals come in

crit mien?
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mr know sounds really cool reminds me a lot of john frusciante's stuff on shadows collide with people, all of the instruments and vocals sound good

of clocks and clouds - again really feeling the JF influence, he's one of my favorite guitarists so thats awesome, cool interlude with the bass section

sides fall - prob my favorite one here, like chrisatgrace said really nice chord progression, i really like this song a lot really nice guitar work, nice touch with the synth over the solo

passing chance - reminds me of something off of Tommy in the beginning, or Close to the Edge - your stuff reminds me of a lot of other songs, but i don't think its derivative, you've got your own cool sound

overall i think you've got some really awesome songs here

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clocks and clouds, like the chord progression and the thythm guitar, not to keen on the vocals in some places. The bass interlude didn't work well for me, it might if the bass was louder. Cool riff ine middle it sounds good, the solo was probably too fast for the song, it needs a little more thought put into it. A i'm listening to this next bit I canb really appreciate the chord progressions, they are sehr gut. THis song is quite long so I hope you dont mind of I skip now in order to look at some others. I'm at 5:10. It does get a little repetative.

Mr Know - Gain i'm not such a fan of the vocals but tere not bad by any means. Again nice chord progression. I like the drums but they are a bit too loud.

Good job, you have some very promisisng songs here.

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