Hi guys, im new to the forum and to the wonderful world of bass. I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips on right hand technique. Im trying to get some tips as i've read conflicting ideas in bass lesson books. Do most people play with straight fingers moving across a string and coming to a rest on the next string (i've been told this is good as using rest strokes gives you greater control over attack/tone qualities) or with arched fingers in a plucking motion (i can alternate index and middle fingers quicker like this but get variations in volume of each "pluck")

Im left handed which means im fretting with my dominant hand and my weak hand is strumming and im finding it hard to get a good consistant rhythm down on every stroke.

Any help/tips would be appreciated guys, thanks.

i'm a guitarist, but i have some bassist friends.

one of my friends is a great bassist, he usually keeps his middle, index and sometimes ring finger at right angles to the strings and rests his thumb on the side of the pickups and moves his 3 fingers up and down to hit the strings.

look at how flea of rhcp plays.
It's all down to preferance really, there is no right or wrong way. Personally I anchor my thumb on a pickup and play almost with a claw like motion with my two fingers and sometimes use my thumb on the E and A strings. This is a highly unorthodox technique but it works for me and feels comfortable.
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I anchor my thumb on a pickup (either bridge or neck - depends on what I'm playing) and strike each string with a 'walking' motion with my fingers. When playing with three fingers though, I'll do more a 'ripple' effect. This may make no sense but it's how I'd describe it best. Whatever is most comfortable for you.
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Personally I anchor my thumb on a pickup and play almost with a claw like motion with my two fingers

That's how im playing at the moment but i find that each stroke has too much difference in attack and tone, thanks for the help though guys, I think i'll give straight fingers more of a try to try and get some consistency.