Anyone managed to buy or play one of these? I found one in the local music shop today and had a jam on it and it was pretty damn good, and for the price they wanted it deserved to be that good.

Has anybody else had any experience with the WA series guitars? particularly how they stack up live and if it really gives you that LOG sound.
Bah, no point - paying for the name. Just get an EC or similar and put 81/85 EMG.
Be more worried about your amp boy!
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The Mesa Mark IV does have a lot to with Lamb of God's sound. But they don't use active EMG 81/85s. They use Seymour Duncans. I'd say go with the EC with the Seymour JB & Jazz, unless you really dig the look of the WA-600 which I think has Seymour Duncan 59s.
ah, sorry i couldnt remember if they were duncans or EMGs.
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the thing with the WA-600 is the set neck heel is sculpted such that it feels like a neck thru. You dont get that many LP's with that kinda feature.
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