Hi, I've got an old Washburn WP-80 which is a Les Paul copy. It's a pretty nice guitar but age has taken it's toll on the neck. Between the 15th and 12th fret there is a dip in the fretboard (the 15th fret is reinforced by the body) and then after the 12th fret the neck bows forward as it should (well, a little too much actually!). The problem is that the bump in the neck at the 15th fret means I have to keep the action quite high. Is this a simple truss rod adjustment or is a neck that is warped like this most probably a goner?

It looks kind of like this:

[tuners here] """"""""""""------------_______----"""------------[pickups here]

Dunno if that makes sense!
Nothing yet, it's an old guitar that's all. I just want to get it working nicely if I can. That 'picture' is pretty exaggerated, it plays just now but i want to get the action alot lower which is impossible at the moment.
^^^it takes more than just old age to warp a neck like that....

I don't think adjusting the truss rod will help. I think that neck is probably worthless now. But you might want to take it to a shop to get their opinion before you trash it.

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new fretboard would help, but be a lot of trouble. not much you can do.
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