im a senior in highschool and i need to do my senior project. times running short and i need something so i can do this and pass my senior year.

my senior project is teaching someone how to play the guitar. to assist in this, i have a powerpoint presentation (that serves as an instructional guide) and my brother-in-law who already knows how to play guitar. So...im cheating pretty much, but this is what i need to know:

What all should i include in the instructional powerpoint?
So far, ive got:
  • different kinds of guitars
  • parts of the guitar
  • strings and their open notes
  • brand of strings that work well for me
  • notes of the frets
  • how to read tabs
  • advanced tab symbols
  • all major chords
  • palm muting
  • alternative picking

im not tooooo awful sure what else to add. im searching the lesson forums for some ideas but im not having much luck.
leave out the string brands...maybe a few box scale diagrams and some advice on how to hold the pick/position the hand and maybe the tabs for some simple song every1 knows?
I wouldn't do all the major chords if i were you. I'd just go over the chords in an open position.
Such as E minor and major, A minor and major, D minor and major, C and G. Maybe F.
I agree. Unless your teacher or whoever you're presenting this to plays, then they'll probably be happy with the basics as they likely won't know more.