I didn't post this in the "only singing thread" because it never realy helps out that much with these qeustions.


I want to learn how to growl and do some black metal-ish shrieks.Well i think i know how to growl but when i try it it sounds like a pissed off cat instead.If I growl the wrong way with my throat though it sounds pretty good.So can anyone give me some pointers on how to growl.Some of my favorite growlers are,Mikeal Akerfeldt(sp?),the guy from Nile,Randy Blythe,the guy from Napalm Death,and last but not least Chuck Schuldiner.

And for the high shrieks again I think I know how to do them but it sounds like an excited 8th grade girl.so obviously i need help here.

so thanks
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make sure you warm up your vocal cords first then drink a bit off water and make sure you have alot of moisture in the back of throat then push the air up from your diapragm.
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jst exaggerate the ammount of air going through your lungs. Very bad for your voice, but whatever floats your boat.

A good way of eplaining the human voice is a ballon when you nip the end it makes a squeeky noise, and slackening it makes a farty noise. Much the same principle.
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