I was looking at the $99 Dean Vendetta XM electric guitar at Guitar Center earlier while trying to find a second guitar. It seems like a pretty nice guitar for that price range, but I'm still kinda of new to finding out the positives and negatives about a new guitar. So could anyone help me out and tell me what they think?

i have been playing for 3 years and i've had about 7 or 8 guitars including the 3 i have now. i have a fender tele, epi v, and a shitty les paul copy. if something happened to any of them, i would go and buy this guitar in a heartbeat. i played one and i think they are great. definitely worth 100 bucks. go for it! get two while you're at it, (detuning).
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My first guitar was the EVO XM. Same wood and pickups as the Vendetta XM. I really like it and still pick it up from time to time these days. Lightweight with a nice fretboard. It's worth the $100. EVO is 22 fret with 24.75" scale though. Vendetta is 24 fret with 25.5" scale.
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