I posted this question last night and got a response, but i wanted to repost this again to get some more info.

I have two Crate Cabs and a Crate Head which i've only had for about a month. I hook them up to a Jekyll and Hyde Pedal and only use the clean option on the head but for some reason the sounds that come out of the cabs are really deep, when i play single notes it sounds fine but when i play power chords or chords i get deep sounds and not some good distorted sounds. It might just be me but for some reason i don't really think the cabs sound like they used to..
Check the pedal. I've had tons of problems with the "Blunt/Sharp" and "Bass Boost" switches getting stuck halfway between the two settings. The tone just dies every time that happens.
My Gear:
American Deluxe HSS Strat
Crate GT212
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