I need some advice from the more exspirienced musicians out there. I've been playing the acoustic guitar for about a year now and I'd like to start playing the electric guitar and take some lessons.
Now my question is what guitar should I get? I'd need something with wich I could play Nickelback, 3 doors down, Blur, arctic monkeys, limp bizkit,die happy, so pretty mixed rock music.( but no heavy metall) Another thing is, is that my budget isn't that big. I already have an Amp (from my brother) and I can spend about 120 € on a guitar.
So does anybody know which guitar would be good for a beginner like me?

I also saw a guitar in Ebay, a Ibanez-GIO-GSA-60, I really like it, would that be any good?

So thanks anyway
look for a Yamaha Pacifica 112 on ebay.. it'll do you well and they're pretty versatile.
At that price, look for a yamaha or squire.
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I'de say Squier, the strats are pretty versatile. You probably won't mind how the guitar sounds at first until you play a bit more and build your chops up
Ibanez is the best. just buy it you will be happy, and the next guitar you buy will be an Ibanez.
I'd say buy a squier strat, for the money they're probably some of the best guitars you can get.
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The Pacifica, much better choice than the Squier Strat.
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hi, everybody, just wanted to say a quick thanks to everybody for the advice. i got myself a guitar last weekend, a Yamaha Pacifica and i've got a Fender amp, so i think I'm well set