I know there has to some way to do this, but Im not computer literate enough to figure out.

How can you pause a movie clip (music video) off of youtube/windows media player/quicktime and then save that paused image as an actual image.

I have tried to printscrn then paste it on paint, but as soon as you move it around it goes funny, try it and you'll see.

Because theres a guy in a music video, and I want my hair cut to a similar style, but I cant get another picture of it, only off of the music video.

Help plz?

I'll give cookies?
I had the same problem.

No idea how to sort it, unless you use a camera to take a photo of the video.
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I've tried to google a video clip, its not exactly a popular band, Sucioperro, You can barely find pictures of the band let alone video clips
^^ tried it, as soon as you paste the prntscrn on paint and go to move it, the image stays in the same position.
From YouTube, you just 'print screen', and you need a capturing thingamabob for media players as far as I know, which isn't much. :P
ok this worked for me. You said when you paste it, the image stays when you move it. so before you move it, it prt sc again and then paste that. Since the image is from paint or whatever rather than youtube, it should work.

About the image staying in the same position in Paint from Prnt Scrn:

Right-click on your desktop > Properties > Settings > Troubleshoot > Turn hardware acceleration to "None"

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