first act...nuff said
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just ask her to touch her toes naked....shell never expect whats next
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not counting an acoustic handme down with a neck that warps at the mention of moisture....

http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/ibanez/iceman_ic200/index.html <--in the mirror black finish

I didn't buy a crappy first guitar... I bought a nice first guitar...
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yamaha eg 112

Yea boiiiiii

same. Its still the same guitar I play after 6 years.
Some £21 acoustic from eBay.
First elctric was Yam aha ERG 121
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a second hand beat up squire strat, it made me cry
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My first guitar was a Hondo les paul I found in a skip outside someones house. I sold it for 40 quid to one of my mates a couple of years later. My second guitar, and still using is a cheap Westfield Telecaster in a horrible sicky yellow colour, and it sounds good recorded, and the actions pretty good.
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Mine was a pretty standard Squier Strat. Black with white scratchplate.
I've still got it actually. The two guitars I bought after it I've since sold (a BC Rich and an Epiphone)... but I've still got my first Squier!