Yeah, he's definitely pretty hilarious on that show...

However, his hair is driving me nuts in the new episodes..
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He is the Man.. i love DrCox..

Scrubs has an awesome soundtrack too if anyone hasnt noticed already..
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Poor Dr Cox

How friggin' moving is that?! That song fits so perfectly too!
It always makes me sad when he's in a scene which has a strong emotional impact, mostly because the actor always plays it so well, and I just love Dr Cox.
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you love him?

i hate him!

why did you bring him to The Pit?

he's a smug, know-it-all, ego-maniacal bastard, with sardonic, abrasive wit, and wanton disregard for people's feelings.

theres's only room for one of those around here ............... and i was here first!
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Nice i loved the whole thing ecspecially his little dance and thier squelling moment
^This post was probably sarcastic


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Lol I love Cox!!

wait... that dosent sound right...
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Lol. His fast paced verbal spaz attacks are amazing.

Not related to Dr. Cox, but does anyone here enjoy the barbershop quartet as much as me?


She's a maniac is awesome lol.
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Does anyone know when Series 6 is being shown in the UK? I'm bored of re-runs