Some of you will be like "Steve Vai uses Ibanez" and others may think i'm trying to turn a strat vai but no! I want to make one of these: http://vai.com/Machines/guitarpages/guitar068.html
I'll have an alder strat body (well i'll have it BACK) soon enough.

Anyway I know this much: Alder body, blonde, black pickguard, angled bridge humbucker in black, two single coils (one black one white)
Maple neck with 21 fret maple fretboard, floyd rose trem.

BUT there are some things i'm not sure on well 1: Where to get the stickers/find out what exact stickers are on so i can paint them. . .
2:The floyd rose, the back seems to be liek a regular strat and there seems to be no routing
3:It seems to have some sort of electronic mod on it.
4:Pickups? Shall I go with an evo and some high out put singles or shall i try to find out the exact pickups on it?

They're basically the only things i need to know/have a problem with.

I could always do it just, blonde strat with black pickguard HSS and a floyd rose but that's not really a replica of it. .
It'll look terrible if you paint on the stickers.
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Well about the stickers... that guitar most likely dates back to the 80's/early 90's. So it will be really hard finding the actual stickers. You could always find the logo online, then print it out on sticky backed paper.

About the trem. - floating trems. can be loaded with just a top half cut on the guitar. That's why it looks like a regular strat back.

The mods seem like a kill switch & infinite sustainer. I could be wrong about the sustainer though. And yeah... find the exact pickups he used in that. Nothing else really matters if you can't even get the same tone.
Yeah i thought painted on stickers might be dodgy and that seems to be one of the only pictures (all others are about the same size) of the guitar and i cant see the exact ones and some i have no idea where i'd find, also the mods may be a kill switch and something else but it's not a sustainic pickup cos there's a regular sigle in the neck not a sustainer.
whatever the mod is it's been done with some routing in the back.
Painting the stickers looks like it would be extremely hard. The only other thing I could think of that could work is trying to find a better picture somewhere and printing them off on your own or just using your own design for the stickers altogether.
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Great idea actually, cos i wont find them and painting them would be crap or very hard, so i guess that's the best idea. . . i need to start gettign more guitar related stickers (I have an ernie ball one to start me off )
i see a DOD one.
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Yeah I will but I want to know the whole procedures, and yeah I saw the DOD one, one of the more obvious ones

And there're still some holes need filling, like what pickups were on this? What are the electronic mods?
I'm still a bit hazy on how the FR is on there, strat style springs, no visible routing. .
Its like how EVH did his. Its on there like the strat bridge would be. Basically flat, but you could set it up for a little bit of pulling. SUPER STABLE TUNING!
Yeah, or you could route it out. Its been done w/o the routing. I think if you're going to go through the trouble you might as well route it out. Its up to you. Honestly I dont think you should make an exact replica. Don't do the stickers. Make it look cleaner. Also I cant figure out what mod(s) could be by the imput jack... I'd just leave it alone. Maybe do the kill switch and infinate sustainer anyway . The first task is to find out what Pups those are...
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4:Pickups? Shall I go with an evo and some high out put singles or shall i try to find out the exact pickups on it?

I'm not sure about the 2 single coils, but the bridge humbucker is a Dimarzio X2N
The single coils look kinda basic. I'd go with a stock middle and either an over wound, YJM(dimarzo), or something else. Maybe even stock.

Umm... did anyone else notice the lack of strap buttons?
If you really want the stickers though, just save the picture and zoom in with photoshop and you'll be able to see them easily with plenty of detail.
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^ actually I tried doing that for him but I couldnt get the stickers clear enough. I played with the sharpening filters for a while and couldnt get them clear enough. If anyone can do it go for it though...
Well I thought about this and saw it as a bit impossible to do accurately so check out my new idea:

Alder strat body, maple 21 fret neck.
Floyd rose just mounted on the body
Steve Vai strat looks (Blonde with black pickguard)
Pickguard EVH style (Only covering the 'control' part)
Pickups Vai style (the pickups he used and HSS)
Pickups Mounted EVH style (Directly onto the body)

So I've got a nice mix of EVH and Vai, and I'm not ruining it by doing the over-used EVH paintjob that I'd end up doing wrong.
This should get me a good guitar, but I'd have to either buy a HSS body or an SSS body and route it for one humbucker as the body i own is HSH.
Just leave the whole pickguard...please...for me ? lol

Do it like this w/o the paintjob

see you dont HAVE to cut the pickguard!

and check out this site
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Would anything like this be good to you?? You'd just need to strip the paint, mod the electronics and angle the humbucker with 1 of these.


Alltough pickupwise I don't think EVO's would get what you want. On that site you put up they say Vai use's that strat for when he wants a strat tone, so if you can't find the exact pups I'd look for something more strat based.
he has a body with HSH routing already

edit: read this...

Edward utilized the tremolo bar quite heavily and was the early adopter of the famous Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo system. His first guitar to incorporate a Floyd Rose was of course another custom Edward creation, this time featuring an all-mahogony body built by Boogie Bodies, and a Gibson PAF wired straight to the volume control. Edward’s complaint about the Floyd Rose design was that it would cause the tone to be a little thin and bright. As a result, the mahogany-bodied Boogie Stratocaster design (which was also actually thicker than a standard Stratocaster body) helped add sustain and counteract the "thinning out" that occurred with the Floyd. Because of the sonic characteristic changes that the Floyd Rose made, Edward opted to stick with guitars that used standard tremolo bridges in the studio and use Floyd-equipped guitars for live shows.

double edit:

look for a bridge angled humbucker pickguard (I know they make them, and you may want to keep the single coils for versitility...) Then just a volume.

So, combining the two, using your materials, what about this....

Blonde body, no paint, no stickers

black pickguard

whatever pickup vai's guitar had in it

flatmounted floyd (maybe set up for a little bit of floating)

black or silver hardware

what do ya think?
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That was sorta what i was going for!

But if the pickguard idea won't take off i'll jame a whole one on there.

So the 21 fret maple nack and fretboard.
Alder body blonde with black pickguard
Steve vai's pickup combo (Angled humbucker two singles)
flatmount floyd, mabe a lil bit for floating (I am a trem guy anyway)
Pickups mounted to body instead of pickguard
Black Hardware (Blonde looks better with black IMO)

I'll just cut the pickguard myself if i cant find an angled hum and two singles one.
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Yeah it shouldnt be too much hardwork overall, I'll get straight on it when i have the body back and when i've made my simple overdirves and A/B boxes, i'm selling some to some people so i can fund this.