im geting an EC-1000 and i dont know which color to choose .... I like the black and the cherry black

What are ur views? Which color is your favourite?
They do more colours now, check the esp website. The Alpine white is nice. Im not that keen on the old ec-1000's coz of the abalone binding and the 24 frets, looks a bit gay IMO. The newer ones are nicer.
go for a vintage black although i do have my random sexual feelings for the black cherry...
I don't like as i lay dying
im ordering from music123.com so there are only those two colors and the sunburst which is gay...
Black is awesome but for some reason i too have random sexual feelings towards the black cherry
they don't have the vintage black so go for the black cherry.
I don't like as i lay dying
Because its the only website the ship guitars to Egypt... and they dont have the vintage black is just says black, whats the difference?
I was thinking about getting that guitar in black cherry as i too have those sexual feelings for it
Isn't vintage black only on the standards?
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no idea... but I guess its either vintage black or chery yeah? not normal black?
Sorry that i've been posting this a lot but...

I have to say get the cherry. If I had a choice again, it would probably be between the alpine white and the black cherry color.
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