I've learnt n played the classicial guitar for few months, i know how play most basic chords and power chords and know how to play some chinese songs that consist of chords strumming and some plucking for intro and some other parts of the song. I was also taught to play some easy songs using tabs like ' that's why u go away'.

Recently my guitar teacher went mia and now i am on my own, so i need to seek help from you guys.

My current aim for my guitar path for the future is to learn, hmm.. maybe to learn how to pluck some classical music using tabs(without singing)? i dunno too much and in depth bout these cos i am not into classical related type of music in the past. Well, the purpose bout learning all these so that nx time when i go somewhere and a guitar appears in front of me, i hope i can start playing for my friends. ( i know i can play some chinese songs but my vocal not that good u see..)

So can you guys recommend some for me to learn? By the way, i only have a classical guitar and i am think of buying an electric guitar when i am better in terms of guitar skills. Thanks so much guys!