Pretty much all the effects in my sig minus the ts clone are going to be for sale. My new amp has effects built in and they all are very good. I will think about some trades, thinking mainly some single coil pups or a Weeping Demon or Crybaby (which I can mod). I've also been looking for a Fender neck to finish my strat modding. Make some offers and I'll respond quickly.

All of the Ibanez pedals are in perfect condition and all of the pedals sound perfect. The wah is great, I just don't like that it's spring loaded. It automatically turns on when you push the pedal down and the spring turns it off when you're done. I like using a wah for a filter too and just don't like having to keep my foot on it to do so. The phaser is one of the best I've used. The range of sounds you can get with these pedals is tremendous. I love them and used them a lot, but the fact is I just don't need them anymore with the effects on my amp being just as good.

The Ibanez pedals are all part of the Tone-Lok series, in perfect condition. The Wah has a little bit of visible wear, but nothing that prevents it from functioning properly.

Also, if you buy 2 of them and throw in another $5 I'll send my power supply, a 1-spot brand 9v supply that can handle 5 effects pedals at a time.

Post some offers guys!


Stuff I'm looking for -

  • Good set of strat pickups, vintage wound if possible
  • Compressor/Sustainer
  • Birdseye neck to fit my strat, maple/maple
  • EMG 81/60
  • Cheap bass to learn on, as well as an amp for it
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how much fo' the wha? i love it!
will you consider trading it for digitech RP200 Artist multy effect pedall?

if not just tell me the price...

How about $60 shipped for the wah? I don't really need a multi-effects right now, since I have everything but a wah on my amp already
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^ that sounds cool and resonable.but im new to this and i dont know how we will do it seen as i live in Israel(middle east) and you.......idk.
can you just explain how that will be done?
great price btw.

EDIT: how about we talk about it on msn? PM me yours. itl be more convinient.
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Didn't know you live there, but anyway PM me your address and I'll look up shipping real quick (I have no idea how much it'll be to Israel) and you can paypal me the money if you like or send me a money order, whichever.
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Wah sale pending from jozef. Let me know!
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how much for the delay?? Trade for a Boss HM-2?
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hey, how much do you want for the wah pedal?in gbp please.
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Hey guys, I've had some offers and all and a lot of people are saying they want to buy them but nobody ever replies. My inbox isn't full at all, so just a reminder!

Also, here's a pic of the delay. I don't have time for more pics right now, so I'll edit this when I get back home in a few hours with the rest of the pics. Sorry for the bad quality, but the only camera I have is on my cell.

Also, how about 27 GBP plus shipping? PM me your address and I'll give you a quote on that too.


Almost forgot, I also have a DiMarzio Fast Track 2 for sale. Not a whole lot of lead, but enough to make it to the selector switch from the bridge spot. I'm going to desolder it to keep as much lead left as possible, but if you need, I can add some wire to it. I'll let it go for $45 shipped to ConUS or ask for a quote for outside US.
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how much for the delay?
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Might be interested in the wah. How much?
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$50 + shipping

I've had a lot of offers but nobody has followed through on anything yet.
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All right. Last chance before they go on e-bay. Here's some pics of everything I'm selling.

Bad Horsie Wah



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I have somebody interested in the chorus/flanger right now, but I can do $55 shipped on the phaser if you're interested. This is negotiable since I need some money right now.
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Oh crap, I looked at the wrong price on MF (forgot how much I paid for it). $45 shipped to the US then? It's in perfect condition.
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Sale pending on Phaser and Chorus/Flange.
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That fine with me. I just got the pedal about a week and a half ago in a trade (I traded an old amp in for a few pedals), so I still have all of the papers and the box and the plastic.
Ok, sounds good. I'll PM you with some info.
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6WS, your inbox is full. I can't PM you.
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