i don't know if this is the right place, i'm looking for acoustic songs of Johnny Cash.
just Johnny and his guitar (and maybe an other instrument too). the reason i ask this,
is cause i heard a song in the menu of Walk the line (the dvd) and i really like it, so i looked for some songs of him, but there are so many albums, it's almost impossible
to find that song and other songs like that one. anyone that knows the title of that song ? and other acoustic songs like Hurt and The man comes around,..
or good albums of Cash that contain alot of acoustic songs (or an all-acoustic album)?
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Chances are the song on the DVD menu is "Walk The Line", a lot of the solo acoustic stuff is from his more recent recordings...check out American I through IV
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what am i supposed to do with those tabs !? play every song to find that one from the menu ??? it wasn't i walk the line, just one guitar pickin notes, no strumming.
the tabs don't say what the good acoustic albums and songs of cash are eh ?
i'll check the albums, thanks.
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