I've heard some people say that they've had to take their Martins in for setups and action adjustments as soon as they buy them new. Have any of you Martin owners had similar experiences? I have a D-16 at home from GC right now and I think it'd be perfect if only the action were a tad lower. Is this do-able without negative effects?
Just about every guitar needs to be taken in for a setup. it's not martin exclusive at all.

Most guitars are playable right from the box, but that doesn't mean they couldn't play a bit better. Even $3,000 guitars tend to need some minor fret leveling, the nut filed, truss rod adjusted, and action adjusted before they guitar is at it's best.
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Thanks for the responses, guys. I have a Taylor at home as well and that thing played perfectly right out of the box. I just feel that if I know I can get the action on the Martin closer to that of the Taylor, my decision will be made.