okay so i used to use mozzilla firefox but now im on vista and im using ie7. anytime i go to youtube i cant awtch videos. i have downloaded the adobe flashplayer thing but it still doesnt work. it says i need to turn on javascript. how can i do this because i want to be able to watch youtube videos
vista is baad
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both IE and Windows Vista pretty much suck.

This guy knows it lol

get FF again
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that didnt help me at all. firefox sucks ass. i downloaded some plugin and now the whole browser shakes up and down.
then uninstall that plugin, there is no way that IE is objectively better than firefox.
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i disabled all addons and mozzila still does that incredibly ****ing annoying shaking. the whole webpage shakes. please just tell me how to do what i asked instead of trying to change my ways like an asshat
do you need to download java?? just google JRS to get it
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no. i just need to turn javascript ON. ie7 blocks it for some reason, prob security