Ive been playin blues since i cant remeber when, and have recently got into some blues/jazz fusion, and jazz unacompanied. I was just wondering what everone thinks about these playing styles and techniques, and want to share their passion!

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I love Jazz/blues, I try to base my playing on that and I think that it is a style that actually makes (or requiers) the guitar to sing! When you play jazz/blues, what is it in your playing that actually connects the two genres? Because I play with mostly jazz chords, then some scales together with blues scales and some bending to hit the blue notes, sweet!!!
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There's a forum for this Have a look in bands & artists.
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I love jazz, I've been playing jazz for about 7 years now and its my favorite genre of music to play. It allows me to express myself
Ya there is a forum for this. However since im here, might as well speak. I myself love blues and jazz. I find it hard to listen to sometimes, but definitely my favorite to play. It doesnt matter what kind of mood im in when i start to play it, but its awesome. But I need to be in a weird mood to want to listen to it. It must have something to do that I dont have control over it, and thats what jazz is to me, is having such control over the rhythm, timing, melody, etc etc.
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ive been a blues player from the start and now im trying to get into jazz more. right now im working on soloing better with sliding octaves.
Im a blues player by nature. I play metal but when ever im goofing off and stuff Blues just comes out of nowhere and iv never even learnt about blues. Iv listned to alot tho. It just is in me i guess.
If you play guitar and i like jazz i would suggest getting into such guitar greats as Johnny Smith, Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass. These were the real legends.
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