I am thinking of buying this bass from this guy used

Its a Squier Special 5 Five-String Bass

I plan to customize it if i do buy and i was wondering if you guys think it is a good idea. He is asking for 300 but i plan get the price lower before i buy it. He lives nearby so i can go pick it up and dont have to pay any shipping costs. It is not my first bass.

Any opinions you guys have would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
How's it sound and is there any damage etc.?
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I havent gone to go play it yet but I can if i want to. I'll make sure it sounds good before i buy it. I havent seen it so i dont know for sure but i was told there are no scratches or dents on it.
what if i got him to lower the price to around $200-250(and im talking about canadian money)? Or would that even be too high?