I looked for other threads on this but couldn't find any. So here goes.

When I record with the guitarist from my band he gets the same sort of sound from his guitar all the way through. When I record my bass part I get a lot of peaks and dips in the wave bar. In every quartet of notes it slowly gets quieter.

E.G. the first note is louder and the next isn't as loud and the next is quieter than that and the last note is really quiet (nearly inaudible) and then it goes back to the first note which is loud again. It makes the bass sound very weird...

Are there any picking exercises I can do to stop myself doing this? And also are there any features on recording programs to fix it?
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Compression will even it all out, but if some of the picking is almost inaudible it might sound weird still. Other than that, concentrating on picking more consistantly will help.